Japanese Faculty

Japanese Course Descriptions

378.115-116 First Year Japanese
This course is designed for students who have no background or previous knowledge in Japanese. The course consists of lectures on Tuesday/Thursday and conversation classes on Monday/Wednesdays/Fridays. The goal of the course is the simultaneous progression of four skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) as well as familiarity with aspects of Japanese culture. By the end of the year, students will have basic speaking and listening comprehension skills, a solid grasp of basic grammar items, reading and writing skills, and a recognition and production of approximately 150 kanji in context. Knowledge of grammar will be expanded significantly in AS.373.215. No Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory. Student may choose to attend either lecture at 10:30 am or 12 pm on TTh. Cross-listed with East Asian Studies.

378.215-216 Second Year Japanese (H)
Prereq: 378.116 or equivalent.
Training in spoken and written language, increasing their knowledge of more complex patterns. At completion, students will have a working knowledge of about 250 Kanji.Cross-listed with East Asian Studies.

378.315-316 Third Year Japanese (H)
Prereq: 378.215-216
Emphasis shifts toward reading, while development of oral-aural skills also continues apace. The course presents graded readings in expository prose and requires students to expand their knowledge of Kanji, grammar, and both spoken and written vocabulary. Cross-listed with East Asian Studies.

378.396 Fundamentals in Japanese Grammar (H)
Prereq: 378.115-116
This course is designed for students who have already studied 2nd-year Japanese grammar and wish to develop a thorough knowledge of Japanese grammar in order to advance all aspects of language skills to a higher level. It is also appropriate for graduate students who need to be able to read materials written in Japanese. The goal of the course is to provide students with a thorough knowledge of Japanese grammar; therefore, knowledge of vocabulary (including kanji) in depth is not requisite. In addition, since this is not a language course that places equal focus on all four skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading), there will be no conversation practice – this is a lecture course on grammar. 2 credits. Pass-fail grade option only

378.415-416 Fourth Year Japanese (H)
Prereq: 378.316 or equivalent.
By using four skills in participatory activities (reading, presentation, and discussion), students will develop reading skills in modern Japanese and deepen and enhance their knowledge of Kanji and Japanese culture.  Recommended Course Background: AS.378.315 and AS.378.316 or equivalent.