Arabic Faculty


375.115-116 First Year Arabic
Introductory course in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Modern Standard Arabic. Presents basic grammatical structures and a basic vocabulary. Through oral-aural drill in classroom and reading/writing exercises, students attain a basic level of competence on which they can build in subsequent years of study. No Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. 5 credits.

375.211-212 Introduction to Levantine Arabic (H)
Prereq: 375.116
This is an introduction course to Levantine Arabic (‘lahjah shamiyyah’). The course aims to develop communicative skills in a wide range of contexts so as to enable students to interact effectively in areas where Levantine Arabic is spoken. The course exposes students to commonly-used Arabic phrases and sentence structures, thereby gaining familiarity with the less formal Arabic register of Levantine. 2 credits.

375.215-216 Second Year Arabic (H)
Prereq: 375.115-116 or equivalent
Designed to bring students up to competency level required for third/fourth year Arabic. Students will consolidate and expand their mastery of the four basic skills acquired in 375.115-116. More authentic material—written, audio, and visual—will be used, and culture will be further expanded on as a fifth skill. 4 credits.

375.301-302 Third Year Arabic (H)
Prereq: 375.215-216 or equivalent
Designed to enhance students’ ability to read, discuss, and write about various topics covered in traditional and contemporary Arabic texts. 3 credits.

375.401-402 Fourth Year Arabic (H)
Prereq: 375.301-302 or equivalent
This is an introductory course to different periods of the Arabic literature. Selections of famous Arabic poetry and short prose works are the substance of the course. 2 credits. Not offered every semester.

Study Abroad Scholarship

The CLE offers a scholarship to students studying a language offered in CLE overseas.