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The Voice of the Film: Matt Porterfield Discusses Putty Hill, Oral Language, and Filmic Reality

When Matt Porterfield wasn’t busy teaching screenwriting, film theory and production courses at Johns Hopkins, he found the time to make a feature film. Putty Hill, writer/director Porterfield’s sophomore feature, was shot at a lightning fast pace during the summer of 2009. A true fusion of fiction and documentary forms, the film is described by its director as having an “approach to realism in opposition to the anthropological, lyrical, and romantic currents present in most of the genre.” [...]

The 2010 Baltimore Screenwriters Competition: Hopkins Student Readers Provide Some Insight Into the Coverage Process

Every January, a select group of Johns Hopkins and Morgan State University film students are called upon to provide script coverage for the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition, sponsored by The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. Lucy Bucknell, the Film and Media Studies Senior Lecturer at Hopkins, supervised the coverage process, which involved having over fifteen […]

Director David Fincher Meets with FMS Students

While shooting scenes for The Social Network on the Homewood campus on November 4, 2009, director David Fincher, along with actors Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, met with FMS students in Shriver Hall. Read more about the shoot in The Baltimore Sun.

Hopkins Film Students Read for the 4th Annual Baltimore Screenwriters Competition

by Christen Cromwell For the fourth year, Johns Hopkins film students, under the supervision of Film and Media Studies Senior Lecturer Lucy Bucknell, wrote script coverage for the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition. The annual contest is sponsored by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, and final judges this year are Grant Curtis, Nina Noble, and Richard […]