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The Alexander Grass Humanities Institute is a focal point for the 10 world-renowned humanities departments at Johns Hopkins, other dynamic departments in the humanistic social sciences, and related centers and programs. The institute sponsors scholarly meetings, public events, visiting scholars, and student fellowships and research projects.

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A conversation with Professor Bill Egginton about the complexities of Don Quixote

From the Spring 2016 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine:

William Egginton says he isn’t tilting at windmills when contending that the conventional wisdom about Don Quixote doesn’t even scrape the surface of Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th-century masterpiece.

“People think it’s about idealism or windmills, or it’s a work of satire,” says Egginton, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and professor of German and Romance languages and literatures. “It’s so much more rich and complex. It’s really about understanding and interpreting reality, and sometimes getting it wrong, and asking the question of why are you getting it wrong and for whose interests. Cervantes is working on many different levels, with a gusto and fluidity that the most accomplished writer or filmmaker of the 20th century would have trouble matching.”

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