students studying in a common area


To apply, students must be currently enrolled in the first or second year of a doctoral degree program in the humanities or humanistic social sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

Application Requirements

Applicants must email the following materials to the AGHI inbox, at [email protected]. with “IHS Program Application,” as the subject.

  1. A detailed proposal of the intended project and how it would be enhanced by drawing from the opportunities of two academic departments. The applicant and both faculty advisers must sign the proposal.
  2. A joint letter from two faculty advisers who represent two different Ph.D. programs.

Please see pages 4-6 of the Graduate Student Handbook for specific information that the materials must include.

Application Deadline

For Fall 2023 admission, the application deadline has been extended to Feb. 15th, 2023. Spring admission is not offered.

Procedure and Timeline

  1. Completed proposals are sent to the vice dean for graduate education by the application deadline.
  2. The vice-dean distributes proposals to the Governance Board.
  3. The board selects a short list of proposals deemed most competitive for acceptance.
  4. The short-listed proposals are sent to the directors of graduate studies of the two Ph.D. programs upon which the proposal draws to gain further insight into whether the “custom selection” of elements from each discipline is appropriate to support the research proposed.
  5. The directors of graduate studies provide feedback to the Governance Board, which may ask applicants and their advisers to revise their proposals.
  6. The revised proposals are re-evaluated to determine the successful applicants who will be invited to join the program the following fall.
  7. Applicants are notified of the decision on or around April 1st.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

William Egginton
Director, The Alexander Grass Humanities Institute
Decker Professor in the Humanities
[email protected]