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Reparative Arts in Community Engagement (RACE) Conference

What are reparative arts? How we might chart a way forward in alleviating systemic harms and injustices by creating living monuments through staging, performance, and other ways of memorialization?

Humanities in the Village (Oct.): Arepa book talk with Irena Stein

Bird in Hand cafe 11 E 33rd St, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join us for a delicious and wonderful Humanities in the Village discussion this October—and celebrate the launch of Arepa: Classic & contemporary recipes for Venezuela's daily bread, a new cookbook by […]

Humanities in the Village (Nov.): Obamanomics and Francisconomics

Bird in Hand cafe 11 E 33rd St, Baltimore, MD, United States

We celebrate November's Humanities in the Village talk with a panel on Dr. Zekeh Gbotokuma's new, award-winning book, Obamanomics and Francisconomics (2022). Professor Gbotokuma will be joined by colleagues from […]