• Faculty Board

  • William Egginton

    Director, The Alexander Grass Humanities Institute
    Decker Professor in the Humanities

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-7510
    • Research Interests: Spanish and Latin American Literatures, comparative European literature and thought
  • Shane Butler

    Nancy H. and Robert E. Hall Professor in the Humanities
    Professor and Chair of Classics
    Chair, Department of Classics

    PhD, Columbia University
    • 410-516-3835
    • Research Interests: Latin Literature (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance), media history and theory, classical reception
  • N. D. B. Connolly

    Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History

    Twentieth-century America; racism; capitalism; urban and suburban history, African diaspora
  • Jennifer Culbert

    Associate Professor, Political Science

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Paul A. Delnero

    Associate Professor of Assyriology, Near Eastern Studies

    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Yulia Frumer

    Bo Jung and Soon Young Kim Professorship of East Asian Science, Associate Professor

    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410-516-7507
    • Research Interests: Science and technology in East Asia, especially Japan; science and technology transfer; scientific translation; measurement instruments; humanoid robotics; science fiction.
  • Jeremy Greene

    Chair and Professor, History of Medicine, School of Medicine, Active Staff, Internal Medicine, Primary Care, East Baltimore Medical Center

  • Jeanne-Marie Jackson

    Assistant Professor, English

    • 410-516-5845
    • Research Interests: Theory of the novel, literature and philosophy, sub-Saharan African literature, Russian realism, global regionalisms
  • Jennifer Kingsley

    Director and Senior Lecturer, Museums and Society

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University (History of Art)
  • Chris Lebron

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    • Research Interests: Political philosophy; social theory; the philosophy of race; and democratic ethics
  • Jean McGarry

    Elliott Coleman Professor, Writing Seminars

  • Mitchell Merback

    Professor, History of Art

  • Yi-Ping Ong

    Assistant Professor, Comparative Thought and Literature

  • Anand Pandian

    Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Anthropology

    • 410-516-7267
    • Research Interests: Ecological and philosophical anthropology; sensory ethnography and experimental writing; posthumanist and postcolonial criticism; environmental ethics; anthropological method; India, America, Earth
  • Elizabeth Patton

    Senior Lecturer, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute

    • 603-321-9692
    • Research Interests:  English and Comparative Literature
  • Joseph Plaster

    Assistant Research Scholar, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute and Curator in Public Humanities, Sheridan Libraries and University Museums