PhD Requirements

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Applications for Fall admission (2023–24) are now closed. More info about the application and decision process is available on the PhD admissions page. To learn more about the program overall, visit the IHS PhD main page.

Each student designs an individualized course of study and research in collaboration with two faculty members representing different PhD programs.  One faculty member must be in the humanities or humanistic social sciences, while the second faculty member may be either in a humanistic discipline or a non-humanistic social or natural sciences discipline.

The individualized course of study and research must include:

  • Coursework
  • Teaching
  • A comprehensive pre-dissertation examination
  • A dissertation prospectus
  • A dissertation
  • A Graduate Board Oral examination

The course of study may also involve foreign language study, laboratory work, fieldwork, or other elements.

The individualized course of study and research must be closely comparable in scope and complexity to either one of the programs upon which the proposal draws, i.e., the doctoral programs represented by the two faculty members advising the proposal.


Graduate Student Handbook

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