Dessa discusses poetry, music, and being “Deeply Human”

Artist Dessa speaks at Levering Hall on Nov. 15th.

Poet, musician, podcast host, and arts champion Dessa joined AGHI on Nov. 15th to chat all things humanities with Professor Anna Celenza.

Speaking with students, faculty, and community members, Dessa shared thoughts about the nature of craft—the differences between writing poems versus rap lyrics or music—and how mixing genres and fields is at the heart of her artistic practice. As part of the discussion, Dessa read from her new poetry collection, Tits on the Moon (Doomtree 2022) and chatted with audience members.

Dessa is in Baltimore sharing her medium-crossing work, including a recorded interview on local radio with host Tom Hall (available to listen via WYPR) and a performance with guest performers Outcalls (at the Ottobar).

Following her visit with AGHI and our Baltimore humanities, Dessa will be continuing her tour up the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Series 2 of her acclaimed podcast Deeply Human (produced by the BBC and American Public Media) is already available to stream online or download via all major podcast apps.

AGHI, the Peabody Institute, and JHU all warmly congratulate Dessa on her terrific new collection!

Artist Dessa holds up her new poetry collection, "Tits on the Moon."
For more about Dessa’s upcoming and ongoing work, visit her website or follow her (@DessaDarling/@Dessa) on social media.