Female Artists, in Any Language: Panel Discusses Womanhood, Genre, and Translation

Panel of Ann Goldstein, Marta Cerreti, and Cristina D'Errico seated on stools at front of bookstore in evening.

A lively crowd gathered at Bird in Hand Café on Thurs., March 2nd to hear a discussion on “Translating Women’s Voices” featuring translator Ann Goldstein. Opening with a conversation about the challenges of translating Alba De Cespedes’s Forbidden Notebook (new edition, 2023), Goldstein engaged with MLL’s Marta Cerreti and Cristina D’Errico. Together, all three panelists bandied about questions on themes from womanhood and class to maternity to the spaces and modes in which women write (in secret, in diaries, and beyond).

Goldstein’s recent work on the Forbidden Notebook joins her acclaimed translations of authors including Elena Ferrante, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Elsa Morante, as well as . Audience members packed the Bird Café on Thursday evening in Baltimore to join the discussion, posing questions that added to the discussions of translation-as-practice broadly and specifically in cases like Ferrante’s and Cespedes’s.

This event, co-sponsored by AGHI and MLL, adds to the ongoing series on gender and artistry across languages and cultures.