AGHI Graduate Research Fellowship

AGHI is accepting applications from Ph.D. students in the 13 humanities departments in KSAS, including the Anthropology, Political Theory, Sociology, and History of Medicine programs, to become AGHI Graduate Research Fellows during their fifth or sixth year. Applicants must be in the final stages of their dissertations with a high likelihood of completing them by the end of the academic year of the Fellowship.

Meet the current cohort of AGHI Fellows.

AGHI Graduate Research Fellows will be active members of AGHI for the entire academic year. The Fellowships:

  • Provide funding for either the Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 semester
  • Cover a full KSAS stipend, along with tuition costs equal to 20% of KSAS resident-student tuition, for one semester
  • Are intended to replace any departmental teaching requirements for one semester
  • Will come with access to AGHI space for work and meetings for the entire academic year

AGHI Fellows will be free to devote their time to writing with few distractions and will only be expected to attend AGHI-sponsored events, meet as a group twice monthly with a faculty mentor to workshop their dissertations, and attend biweekly faculty fellowship lunch meetings. Fellows are expected to be in residence during the semester for which they receive funding.


We will begin accepting applications beginning January 1, 2024. Complete applications must be submitted on Interfolio by February 29, 2024. Decisions will be made by the end of March.

*The following documents must be submitted to Interfolio as PDF files and named “last name, first name – description” (i.e. Smith, John – transcript):

  1. Concise (max. 500 words) abstract of the dissertation, including its methods and approaches and its greater significance for the humanities
  2. Statement of work already accomplished and plan for work still to be done
  3. CV
  4. Letter of recommendation from your adviser