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Humanities in the Village – Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, MSU

Bird in Hand @ 11 E 33rd St Baltimore

A public lecture on “COSMOPORTISM: ‘UniverCity’ $ International Competency Through Multilingualism.” Organized by Johns Hopkins University’s Alexander Grass Humanities Institute. Humanities in the Village, 2019. #Cosmoportism is Dr. Zekeh Gbotokuma’s philosophy of international education & global competency in a spider’s web-like, interdependent, flattening, warming, complex, complicated, and competitive world.

Humanities in the Village: Jean McGarry

Bird in Hand @ 11 E. 33rd St. Baltimore Baltimore

We are delighted to welcome Jean McGarry, Professor of Fiction at the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars. She will read “The Last Time,” from her book of stories, Dream Date, which recounts the high points of a life spent with Gertrude Stein, Albert Camus, and Samuel Beckett, and a month or two on Devilʼs Island. We […]