The World is a Theater: Apollinaire, War, and Nation

Professor Rentzou's (Princeton) talk, "The World is a Theater: Apollinaire, War, and Nation," will be held in Gilman 479.  Rentzou is the author of the newly published Concepts of the World: The French Avant-Garde and the Idea of the International (Northwestern UP, 2022) and of Littérature malgré elle: le surréalisme et la transformation du littéraire (2010). At […]

Lyric Whiteness: Thoughts on the Construction of an Invisible Category in Germany

Lecture by Hannah Vandergrift-Eldridge (U of Wisconsin-Madison) on 10/11 at 5pm in Shaffer 3. Since the turn of the millennium, the Anglo-American academy and culture at large has embarked on a much-needed analysis of race and lyric poetry. Driven by the work of BIPOC poets and poet-scholars including Claudia Rankine, Dorothy Wang, and Timothy Yu, […]

Frankist Memory in the Brandeis Family and the American Law of Privacy

The Jewish Studies Program presents a lecture by Dr. Nan Goodman in Gilman 17 on 10/21 at 12:30. This talk argues that we cannot fully understand the radical nature of Louis Brandeis’s privacy argument--in particular his focus on the “intense emotional life” and “man’s spiritual nature,” in his celebrated law review article, “The Right to […]

El fantasma de la justicia imposible: Gótico y Guerra de Malvinas (1982-2022)

¿Cómo narrar la Guerra de Malvinas (en la ficción o fuera de ella)? ¿En qué condición incorporarla a la memoria nacional? Las respuestas a estas preguntas han sido numerosas y extremas: de una derrotada épica nacional-popular antimperialista derrotada, a un último y casi póstumo esfuerzo de relegitimación de una dictadura moribunda, que prolonga durante la […]

Rousseau’s Philosophy of Government

Gilman 479 Considering Rousseau as a philosopher may still sound like an iconoclastic claim – didn’the spend most of his writings criticizing the philosophes of the Enlightenment? Claimingthat Rousseau is a philosopher of government may sound even bolder – isn’t he usuallyconsidered as a mostly utopian political thinker? This talk will challenge these twoassumptions, examining […]

Black women Against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil

Gilman 219

Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry, Associate Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and part of the Presidential Penn Compact, will speak about the fight for racial justice in Brazil as part of the Portuguese Program's fall 2022 speaker series. ' You can also join this event on Zoom: Meeting ID: 991 5074 8174

Language Night @ JHU

Gilman Atrium

Gilman Atrium Are you taking a foreign language now? Wondering how to fit language study into your schedule? Asking yourself what language you'll study next, or getting ready to study abroad? Come learn about Spring 2023 course offerings, programs of study, and extracurriculars in Modern Languages and Literatures as well as through the Center for […]

MUTAMENTI: Metamorphosis from the Human to the Posthuman

The Italian Section at the Johns Hopkins University and the Department of Italian at Yale University are happy to invite you at the Graduate Conference MUTAMENTI: Metamorphosis from the Human to the Posthuman.

Lost And Found: Pre-World War II Autobiographies Of Yiddish Teens.

Johns Hopkins Hillel 3109 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland

When I Grow Upis New Yorker cartoonist Ken Krimstein's nonfiction graphic narrative based on six of hundreds of newly discovered, never-before-published autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish teens on the brink of WWII, found in 2017 hidden in a Lithuanian church cellar. These autobiographies, long thought destroyed by the Nazis, were written as entries for three competitions held […]

My Journeys with Hebrew

Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal is a well known Israeli writer and linguist. He has published 24 books on various topics, as well as hundreds of articles, essays and journalistic features. He is known for his linguistic writing for which he has won the prestigious Sokolov Award. For his best-selling children’s books, he has […]

Caroline Lillian Schopp: Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter

Gilman 479

 Professor Caroline Lillian Schopp, History of Art, delivers an undergraduate talk "Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter: Renate Bertlmann Performing Bertolt Brecht & the Figure of the Pregnant Bride." This talk introduces the art of Renate Bertlmann by way of her discomfiting performances as a “pregnant bride.” If these can be seen, as the artist suggests, as a […]