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“Jewish Primitivism” – Samuel J. Spinner

Mergenthaler Room #426

JHU Anthropology Department Fall 2023 Colloquium Series - Jewish Primitivism book by Dr. Samuel J. Spinner. In discussion with Clara Han (JHU), Andrew Brandel (University of Chicago), Talia Katz (JHU), […]

The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature

Prof. SARAH M. QUESADA, Duke University
Friday, October 27, 4pm
Gilman 476


Sarah M. Quesada’s book illustrates a “Latin-African” history: an untold story that challenges dominant narratives in world literature and transatlantic studies that ignore Africa's impact in broader Latin American culture. A book that defies the separation of fields according to colonial languages, Quesada shows how themes such as the 19th century Belgian “scramble for the Congo,” the decolonizing war in Angola, and the neoliberal turn in Nigeria are embedded in some of the most noted authors of Latin American decent in the last fifty years. This is also the first book-length project to address the African colonial and imperial inheritance of Latinx literature.

Voices from Mozambique

The Program in Spanish and Portuguese and in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies Present VOICES FROM MOZAMBIQUE: NOVELIST PAULINA CHIZIANE AND SAXOPHONIST MOREIRA CHONGUIÇA February 26, Monday, 10am to […]