About French

The French program at Johns Hopkins University features a distinguished and dynamic faculty with expertise in early modern, modern, and contemporary French literature, as well as in topics in cultural studies, film, and the teaching of the French language. We offer an undergraduate major and two minors, as well as a PhD in French literature.

As part of a leading research institution, we are committed to:

  • Integrating language acquisition and literary and cultural study, so as to provide the strongest intellectual and professional training to Hopkins undergraduates
  • Preparing our doctoral candidates for theoretically informed research in broad historical frameworks as well as for innovative classroom teaching
  • Engaging with emergent forms of literary and cultural knowledge linked to the French-speaking world, in a spirit of collaborative research.

French has a long and distinguished history at Johns Hopkins, having played a leading role in embracing and circulating critical approaches and methods. Ground-breaking modern literary theory was born here in its dialogue with the interdisciplinary French structuralist and post-structuralist projects, which united under the banner of language such diverse intellectual endeavors as anthropology, history, philosophy, political theory, and the history of ideas. In our teaching and research, as well as through the lectures and colloquia of the Centre Louis Marin and the Hopkins Literature Forum, we are pursuing and deepening this distinctive tradition in critical thought.