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Urban Restoration Project Will Be New Home for Film and Media Studies

From the outside, the Parkway Theatre doesn’t look like much. Some of the upper windows are broken and a pull-down metal sheet covers the front door. Pigeons peck aimlessly on the sidewalk, and random bits of trash blow past. Located in a Baltimore neighborhood that is trying hard to redefine itself, this historic building is a shell of its former glory days as a bustling entertainment center. Enter the Krieger School’s Film and Media Studies program…

FMS Students Read for the 2014 Baltimore Screenwriters Competition

As they have since its inception nine years ago, Hopkins film students served this winter as first readers for the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition, sponsored by the Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts. Under the supervision of Senior Lecturer Lucy Bucknell, interns evaluated and provided coverage of competition screenplays. Winners will be announced at the […]

Renowned Electronic Musician Joins Krieger School Faculty

Beginning in the fall semester, Thomas Dolby, who has a storied career in multimedia ventures, will teach a course called Sound on Film to students from the Krieger School and the Peabody Institute. Dolby will also play a key role in the efforts under way to revitalize parts of the Station North neighborhood.

Johns Hopkins Undergraduates Show Off Their Research Findings

Johns Hopkins senior Alessandra Bautze, a double major in the Writing Seminars and Film and Media Studies, turned a lens on the topic of school violence with her PURA project, the 12-minute film What Sophie Saw. Her faculty sponsor was noted filmmaker and Film and Media Studies lecturer Matthew Porterfield.

Film & Media Studies Hosts Walter Murch

Three-time Academy Award-winning sound designer and film editor Walter Murch (BA ’65) gave a talk on March 25, 2014: “From Malaparte to the Multiverse: the physics of poetry and the poetry of physics.” Murch, whose work on film includes The Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, and the upcoming Tomorrowland, talked about his translation […]

“Until It’s Even”: The Legacy of Geraldine Ferraro

by Andrea Massaro, Class of 2015 Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way, screened at Hopkins on February 19, not only featured, but was framed by women’s voices. JHU history professor Mary Ryan opened the evening, noting that while we have indeed “paved the way” for women in politics, we still have a long way to go. The film, […]

“A Leader, Not a Politician”: Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way

By Ingrid Ma, Class of 2015 On February 19, the Film and Media Studies Program hosted a screening of Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way. Directed and produced by Ferraro’s own daughter, Donna Zaccaro, the documentary offers an intimate insight into the life and legacy of the first woman ever to be nominated as a vice presidential candidate. […]

Calling on Visionary Filmmakers: Hopkins Film Fest 2014

by Abby Harri, Class of 2014 Planning any four-day event is a challenge, but when you’re doing it for nine months the event can truly become your “baby.” With a double dose of snow days on February 13 and 14, a canceled opening night screening, and the general homebody mentality that can result from winter weather […]

Baby Booking

Abby Harri, a film and media studies major, and Michael Nakan, a Writing Seminars major, are collaborating on Baby Booking, a documentary that paints a picture of the state of juvenile justice in Baltimore via the stories of two young men, Vernon and Justin, who have spent considerable time navigating the system.

Film and Media Studies Program Featured in Arts & Sciences Magazine

As the Film and Media Studies Program approaches both its 20th anniversary (it began as part of the English Department in 1995) and its upcoming move to the nearby Station North Arts District, slated for July 2015, it continues to grow at a dynamic pace.