AGHI events back in full swing for 2024

Mosaic with details from posters from AGHI events for Spring 2024. Full list of events noted in text.

Classes are back and so are AGHI’s public humanities events for the new Spring 2024 semester. We kick things off TONIGHT (Monday, January 29th) and carry on through the late spring.

Here are the new events, titles, and synopses we’ve got to loo forward to for the next several months:

  • January 29 (Monday): Humanities in the Village — join David Steiner (JHU School of Education) in conversation with Fred Lazarus (former President of MICA) at Bird in Hand at 6:30pm! Full details here.
  • February 4 (Sunday): Humanities on the Mall (DC) — hear from some of the foremost experts on education at the college level in America: Michael S. Roth (President, Wesleyan University); Chris Celenza (JHU Dean of Arts & Sciences); and Aliza Watters (moderator; Director of FYS and Asst. Dean) on “Students, College Campuses, Difficult Conversations.” Full details and location info here.
  • March 4 (Sunday): Humanities on the Mall (DC) — listen to Prof. Sean Carroll (host of Mindscape podcast) chat with Prof. Hahrie Han (Director, SNF Agora Institute of JHU) about “The Physics of Democracy.” More info here.
  • The Annual Richard A. Macksey Lectures for 2024, with guest speaker Merve Emre
    1. March 7 (Baltimore): “Too Close Reading: On American Miniaturism” [event page]
    2. March 8 (DC): “Why I Feel Bad for Men, or Reading ‘A Room of One’s Own’ with Pierre Bourdieu” [event page]
  • April 7 (Sunday): Humanities on the Mall (DC) — attend a screening, followed by a director Q&A, for Devoti Tutti (a new feminist film about Saint Agatha of Catania), with Prof. Bernadette Wegenstein in conversation with Eugenio Refini (NYU). Full details here.

And that’s just the beginning. Make sure you’re checking our calendar for updates as we add gatherings for Humanities in the Village, co-sponsored events across JHU, and more.

We welcome all attendees to these events! Questions? Email us at [email protected].