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The Concept of Yiddish in the Art of Mel Bochner

Maryland 110 Lecture by Sunny Yudkoff. This lecture will explore the evolving manifestations of Yiddish in the work of the contemporary artist Mel Bochner. One of the founding figures of American conceptual art, Bochner has continuously re-examined the unstable nature of language. The following presentation investigates how Bochner’s postvernacular invocation of Yiddish calls into crisis […]


The conference will be held in-person at Johns Hopkins University (Homewood Campus) in Baltimore. Professor Pierre-Marc de Biasi will be the keynote speaker. Paper proposals (approximately 300 words), written in French or English, accompanied by a brief biographical note (150 words maximum) should be sent, before 12/12/2022, to the following address: [email protected] How does one […]

Botticelli’s Secret

Gilman 50 Synopsis: Some 500 years ago, Sandro Botticelli, an Italian painter of humble origin, created work of unearthly beauty. An intimate associate of Florence’s unofficial rulers, the Medici, he was commissioned by a member of their family to execute a near-impossible project: to illustrate all 100 cantos of The Divine Comedy by the city’s greatest poet, […]