Student Groups

Epidemic Proportions

Epidemic Proportions is a student-published journal designed to highlight JHU research and field work in public health. Combining research and scholarship, the journal seeks to capture the breadth and depth of the JHU undergraduate public health experience. It provides students with an outlet to publish their work while learning how to edit, design, and create a compelling publication. Our audience includes students, professors, and faculty from not only Homewood campus, but also the Bloomberg School of Public Health and other Hopkins-affiliated institutions.

Public Health Student Forum

Public Health Student Forum (PHSF) strives to promote the advocacy of statewide public health issues and policies in its communities, as well as on the Johns Hopkins University campus. PHSF’s activities include community service, sponsored public health speakers, fundraising, and hosting public health awareness events. The group also hosts an annual undergraduate conference in public health. Follow PHSF on Facebook.

Global Public Health Brigades

Global Public Health Brigades is an international network of students and professionals that volunteer to design and implement public health solutions that strengthen communities in the developing world. GPHB empowers volunteers with the material, know-how, and support to deliver solutions that provide value while preserving local culture and improving the environment. For more information on how to be involved with the JHU chapter, please email

Health Leads

Health Leads, formerly known as Project Health, works to break the link between poverty and poor health by mobilizing college students to provide sustained public health interventions in partnership with urban medical centers, universities, and community organizations.

Other Groups

The groups listed above work in close collaboration with the PHS program, but there are many groups at Hopkins that work in areas related to public health. You can explore broader listings through the Center for Social Concern and the Office of Student Activities for other opportunities to get involved.