The Public Health Studies Program is a major that offers undergraduates an introduction to the vast and interdisciplinary world of public health by offering a variety of courses on the Homewood campus and also at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Students begin their studies by taking foundational, core and intermediate public health courses (all on the Homewood campus); and, in their final year of study, students deepen their public health knowledge by having the opportunity to take courses at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health. The list of courses that can be taken at the Homewood campus and can be used to fulfill these requirements is available in the e-catalogue.

Foundation Courses

All students must take a series of foundational quantitative, natural sciences, and social sciences courses to build a strong base from which to learn. 


Students must take one semester of calculus. This requirement can be fulfilled by using AP credits accepted by JHU.

Natural Science

Students must take two semesters of biology and one corresponding lab. While students typically fulfill this requirement with introductory biology classes, upper-level classes can also count. This requirement can be fulfilled using AP credits accepted by JHU. 

Social Science

Students can choose two introductory social science courses. Courses applied to this requirement must come from different academic departments (i.e., Psychology, Sociology, Economics). Current students, please see your PHS Community Page on Canvas or contact your Academic Advisor with questions about course eligibility. 

Public Health Studies Core Courses

Six core courses are required. With advisor approval, other JHU statistics courses can substitute for AS.280.345 Public Health Biostatistics. Otherwise, no substitutions are allowed. All six core courses must be completed before taking any courses at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health.  

Six Core Courses (semesters offered):  

  • AS.280.101 Introduction to Public Health (fall and spring) 
  • AS.280.240 Research Methods in Public Health (fall and spring) 
  • AS.280.335 The Environment and Your Health (fall and spring) 
  • AS.280.340 Fundamentals of Health Policy and Management (spring) 
  • AS.280.345 Public Health Biostatistics (fall) 
  • AS.280.350 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (fall and spring) 

Intermediate Public Health Courses

These courses maybe be taken concurrently with courses taken at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health.  

Students must take one course at the 200-400 level the focuses on social and behavioral aspects of health. Please ask your advisor for more information about these courses or visit the e-catalogue

Students must also take three additional courses at the 200-400 level. Courses must be at least 3 credits each. No more than two Gordis Teaching Fellowship (GTF) courses can be used to fulfill this requirement. Please ask your advisor for more information about these courses or visit the e-catalogue. 

Applied Experience

The PHS Applied Experience requires at least 80 hours of field work experience with one program, organization, or researcher in a professional public health setting. There are a variety of ways to fulfill this requirement. Learn more on the Applied Experience page

Advanced Courses at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Fifteen credits must be taken at JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health. Core courses must be completed before you register for JHSPH courses. These courses are taken in your final year of study.