The Public Health Studies Program offers undergraduates a major that links them to the world of public health through core courses taken on the Homewood campus, as well as electives taken at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Learning Goals

Public Health Studies majors:

  • Exhibit understanding of the role of public health in society and the historical development of the field.
  • Display understanding of the basic principles and experimental basis of the core fields of public health and exhibit competencies related to the logical relationships of those fields in promoting disease prevention.
  • Demonstrate adequate problem-solving skills in the natural sciences using laboratory instruments and empirical methods to draw valid conclusions from experimental data.
  • Display adequate problem-solving skills in the social sciences using critical thinking, effective synthesis of complex ideas, and analytic methods to draw valid conclusions from quantitative and qualitative data sources.
  • Demonstrate competence using computers for data acquisition, statistical analysis, and health information, including bibliographic resources and current periodicals database systems.
  • Exhibit adequate written and oral communication skills.


Please see the degree requirements listed on BA Program page.

If you are unsure of which requirements apply to you, make an appointment with your PHS adviser.