The Public Health Studies Advising Program is grounded in theory-based advising practices that emphasize the learning process. Our advisers are committed to providing a holistic advising experience that goes beyond the basic understanding of your graduation requirements and emphasizes a student-centered approach.  

Our program is unique, with most faculty members holding their primary appointment at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. This allows our students to learn from experts in the field. Each Public Health Studies student is also assigned a full-time academic adviser in the Public Health studies program. We work with each individual student to help guide them through their time as a PHS major and create an undergraduate experience that feels meaningful to them. 

Good Advising Relies on Everyone

Because our program emphasizes both the learning and the relational aspects of the advising experience, it’s important that both the student and the advisor contribute to the process. Students can expect their advisors to support, empower, and challenge them during their time as a PHS major, but the advisors can’t do it alone!

  • Our advisers will work with you to help you achieve your goals as an undergraduate.
  • We ask students to be open and honest when they communicate with us. We’re here to help.
  • Students and advisers are a team. We advise, but students decide.
  • Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process. Only you know what choices will be challenging and meaningful.

Our Holistic Approach

Your PHS advisors have the responsibility to help you navigate your undergraduate academic experience, but we also know that you are not defined by success in the classroom. You are multifaceted and dynamic beings, and we know that you might appreciate multifaceted and dynamic support. We believe that it’s important that you tend to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs so that you can thrive at Hopkins. Therefore, discussions about getting good sleep or eating whole food might come up in your advising sessions.  This is all because we care about you holistically.

Student Resources

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be a respected advising program that is recognized for its ability to help students understand the connections between the academic and experiential components of their undergraduate experience. As a result of our dedication to the continuous improvement of the Public Health Studies Advising program, our students will be part of a supportive community that empowers them to think critically about their choices, be comfortable with ambiguity and graduate with the knowledge of what they are passionate about and a vision for how to pursue their goals in the future.

Advising Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Health Studies Academic Advising program is to use innovative and theory-based advising approaches that help students to navigate their undergraduate experience at a liberal arts institution, think critically about their academic choices and participate in an inclusive learning environment that promotes intrinsic curiosity and service-based experiential education.  By focusing on holistic and student-centered interactions, the PHS advisers will help undergraduates to develop the skillsets necessary to build supportive interpersonal and community relationships, as well as feel empowered to engage in meaningful and lifelong self-exploration.  

Advising Program Values

  • Consistent and structured program administration.
  • Using an advising as teaching model when working with students.
  • Using theory-based & innovative advising approaches.
  • Building holistic relationships with our students. 
  • Building community for our students.
  • Supporting the personal development of our students.