Yes, 50 years! In 1974, the first cohort of undergraduates declared a “public health” major. Back then, students would combine a major in Natural Sciences or Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Homewood campus with coursework at “the School of Hygiene and Public Health” (now the Bloomberg School of Public Health).

Over the years, the major has grown and evolved, officially becoming the “Public Health Studies” program in 2000. With more than 500 declared PHS majors today, the program continues to grow and change along with the field of public health itself. To recognize the achievements of five decades of students and alumni, and the dedication of scores of faculty and staff over the years, we will be holding celebrations throughout 2024 and have created this website as a resource for alumni to engage with us.

We hope you might submit a story or photo from your time at Hopkins or since you graduated, to share on this site. Cheers to 50 years!