BA/Master’s Program

The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Health Sciences (BA/MHS) and Bachelor of Arts/Master of Sciences in Public Health (BA/MSPH) programs are a coordinated academic collaboration between the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It enables talented and committed public health studies majors to complete a BA and master’s degree from the School of Public Health in five to six years.

BA/MHS Program

The Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Health Science combined degree program prepares students for further graduate work or prominent careers in research and science. Students can work toward a BA/MHS in mental health, environmental health, or epidemiology.

BA/MSPH Program

The Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Science in Public Health combined degree program offers students the opportunity to integrate focused academic training with real-world public health practice. Students can receive a BA/MSPH in either health policy, occupational and environmental hygiene, or international health.

BA/MHS/MSPH Admission Requirements

The student must:

  • Be an undergraduate majoring in public health studies at Johns Hopkins
  • Apply to the master’s degree program during junior year
  • Complete all undergraduate degree requirements before matriculating as a master’s student.

As soon as a student is admitted to the master’s degree program, that program will assign a graduate adviser to work with the student.

How to Apply

Undergraduate public health studies students should formally apply for early admission during their junior year.

Admitted students must complete their BA degree before formally enrolling in the Bloomberg School, but up to one half of the public health credits earned inter-divisionally toward their BA may also apply toward their MHS or MSPH degree.

To apply, please use the Bloomberg School online application, making sure to select the appropriate combined degree option from the drop-down menu.