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PHS Students Trace the Path of COVID-19

PHS Students Trace the Path of COVID-19
Public health majors in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences have volunteered for this vital role at their local health departments over the past several months. The undertaking, students […]

JH Needs U: COVID well-being grant

Have an idea for an initiative, activity, or promotional campaign that will help encourage COVID safety measures among members of the  Hopkins student community, whether virtual or in-person?   If you […]

“What In The Health?” Podcast Launches

“What in the Health?” is a student-led podcast founded by Eric Lynch, Rina Helt, and Fateha Zannath, three undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University. The goal of this initiative is […]

JHU Study Consulting is Offering Study Space on Zoom.

The Study Consulting Program will be offering study space on Zoom during reading period. Consultants will be available from 1pm-11pm EST and offer a breakout room with timed Pomodoro sessions. […]