Eric Feigl-Ding, ScD, JHU PHS ’04

Class Of 2004

As a Public Health Studies student at JHU in the early 2000’s from 2001-2004, Dr. Feigl-Ding saw the program grow from its early beginnings to becoming the largest major in Arts & Sciences. He credits the PHS program for allowing him to catapult his career at a very young age. 

Matt McGough, MSPH, JHU PHS ’21

Class Of 2021

The best part of my job is being able to see the direct impact of my work on how health policy issues are covered in the media, developed by policymakers, and understood by the public.

Shahmir H. Ali, PhD, JHU PHS ’19

Class of 2019

It can sometimes be helpful to think about who you’re interested in working with before the topic itself - food and nutrition research wasn’t really on my radar before JHU, but I remember absolutely loving [Dr. Joel Gittelsohn's] energy during a lecture he gave...

Will Shefelman, JD, MPH, JHU PHS ’18

Class Of 2018

Law & Public Health 

After graduating from law school, I will be working at a law firm in New York City. I am planning on joining a large law firm’s health care practice. I hope to get to use a wide range of skills I have developed in both law school and my time studying public health at Johns Hopkins as both an undergraduate student and later at the graduate level.