Student and Alumni Voices

Kobi Khong

Class Of 2024

 Center for Gun Violence and Prevention, JHSPH

Now that I’ve grown up and now attend Hopkins, I have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing effort to make a change, and not only learn from the lens of public health but also be a part of the teams doing research to evaluate the best ways to approach these issues. 

Maclaine Barré-Quick

Class of 2024

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Research 

The qualitative work we’ve done and the Violet Project are intended to increase access to sexual and reproductive health information and services for young people in Baltimore City and the greater Maryland area.

Matt McGough

Class Of 2021

The best part of my job is being able to see the direct impact of my work on how health policy issues are covered in the media, developed by policymakers, and understood by the public. Being able to inform these discussions, using a nonpartisan lens, while also taking the perspective of healthcare consumers, is incredibly rewarding.

Will Shefelman

Class Of 2018

Law & Public Health 

My desire to pursue a joint degree in law and public health flows naturally from how much I enjoyed the variety of topics I studied in undergrad

Zandy Wong

Class of 2024

My disability advocacy focuses on advocating for universal digital accessibility and equitable access to education and healthcare for people with disabilities through influencing policy and working within communities to enact change.