Each public health major has an advisor assigned by their last name. Advising office hours are from 8:30 am. to 5 pm, weekdays. 

For appointment time availability, consult your advisor’s PHSCal scheduling system.

How to Make an Appointment

All declared majors can make an appointment by using the PHSCal scheduling system. Students can also find more information on the PHS Community page on Canvas, including advising syllabi, course planning tools, and more that will be helpful during and between advising appointments.

Submitting your Request

After you have submitted your request, you should receive an email indicating that your appointment request has been approved or declined. If your request is accepted, you can consider that as confirmation for your appointment. 

Requests are rarely declined. When they are, it usually because your advisor has a conflicting commitment that did not appear in the scheduling system.  Simply request another open time.  

Cancelling a Scheduled Appointment

If you cannot make your appointment, please let your advisor know as soon as you can. You can either use PHSCal to cancel the appointment request, or let your advisor know via email. Either option is fine. When you let your adviser know, we are able to open up that time slot to another student, which is particularly important during the busier advising periods. 

Appointment Length

Advising appointments are usually offered in 30-minute blocks of time. We try to adhere to that schedule and request that you do the same. There are times when more (or less) time is needed, and we can accommodate that.  However, during the busier advising period, your adviser may request a follow-up meeting instead of allowing the meeting to go beyond 30 minutes.