Applied Experience

Beyond providing students with outstanding public health courses, we require all public health studies majors to complete an approved 80-hour public health Applied Experience as part of their undergraduate degree.


This requirement involves a supervised, hands-on experience working with public health professionals. The intent is to engage students in activities that align with the student’s area of interest. Students can fulfill this requirement by volunteering with a local organization, interning with a nongovernmental organization, or working on a research project under a faculty mentor. Through the applied experience, we aim to afford each student the opportunity to participate in population-level change in a meaningful way.

“The point of Applied Experience is, in my opinion, entirely subjective. I cannot quantify or properly convey how much I have taken away from my time working with Communities CARING. My experience has been invaluable, and in addition to everything I have learned about Public Health and Baltimore, I have learned a lot about my abilities, my insecurities, and myself. I hope that as I continue working for CARING over the next year that I continue to grow as a person and as a Public Health student. In addition to the knowledge and experience I have gained, the people I have met and the relationships I have formed will always be some of the most important and invaluable connections I will ever make. I could not be happier to have picked such an amazing and fulfilling experience to complete my Applied Experience requirement and I cannot wait to continue my work with CARING this upcoming year.”
—Nadine Hassan, ’15