Getting Started On Your Applied Experience

There are numerous opportunities for students to fulfill the Applied Experience (AE) requirement, including during the semester or during the summer, either domestically or overseas. Enrollment in various programs may be limited by the number of openings available. We strongly encourage students to seek out their own Applied Experience opportunities.

  1. To get acquainted with the AE, please begin by watching this 17 minute video.
  2. Read the Standards of Conduct.
  3. Learn how to get the most out of your Applied Experience.
  4. Explore some of the resources listed below.


  • Speak with the AE Course Instructor, Keri Frisch.
  • Check the PHS weekly e-newsletter for postings
  • Join the PHS LinkedIn group
  • Look through the Career Center’s Handshake listings. It may be helpful to set up a meeting with the Career Center to learn about more internship/volunteer/fellowship opportunities available.
  • Speak with your course professors about opportunities they may know of or be willing to host.
  • Check with Student Employment for relevant assignments.
  • Visit the Center for Social Concern (CSC) for ideas and see their Community Bulletin.
  • Talk to your friends!  They may know of openings.