2022-2023 PHS Honors Research Projects

Each independent research project below was conducted under the mentorship of a JHU faculty member while students participated in a two-semester course with Dr. Peter Winch during their final year.

  • Abigail Admase – “Substance Use Disorder Stigmas and Methadone Retention at Muhimbili Methadone Clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania” AA
  • Maclaine Barre-Quick – “A Call for Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Evidence From Youth Living in Baltimore City” 
  • Siena Defazio – “A Novel Diagnostic Tool Chagas Disease Utilizing LAMP Detection Methods” 
  • Loaah Eltemsah – “Influence of Social and Demographic Factors on Assistive Technology Use Among Children in Uganda” 
  • Kamran Eslami – “Risk of Dementia by Occupation and Industry Classification” 
  • Benjamin Juul – “The effects of food producer and food retailer awareness of tax incentives, liability protections, and avenues for donating food” 
  • Lyllian Le – “The Burden of Alcohol Attributable Road Injuries in Vietnam” 
  • Aakriti Mathur – “Sex-Specific effects of arsenic exposure on the risk of influenza infection” 
  • Grace Mohandoss – “Examining Disparities in Self-Reported Knowledge of Cancer Symptoms” 
  • Maxwell Sahhar – “Evaluation of a Supportive Bridge Housing Program For Transgender Women to Build Positive Social Connections” 
  • Amy Son – “Effect of Dolutegravir on Weight Gain: Involvement of the Estrogen Pathway” 
  • Janey Song – “Language as Social Determinant of Health in Pediatric Rehabilitative Services: A Systematic Review” 
  • Fiona Sweeney – “An Analysis of US State Laws on Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment from a Disability Rights Perspective” 
  • Zhuochen Yuan – “The Relationship between Strain Response and Intraocular Pressure Decrease across Five Eye Regions in Glaucoma Patients” 
  • Henry Zhao – “Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for a Specialist-Focused Approach for Diabetes Management”