Bachelor’s/Master’s in Mental Health Info Sessions

JHU JUNIORS—We are accepting applications for the Bachelors/MHS program in Mental Health!

JHU undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to seek early admission to the Master of Health Science (MHS) in Mental Health degree. Up to 16 interdivisional credits counted towards the student’s bachelor’s degree may also apply to the student’s master’s degree requirements. The combined Bachelor’s/MHS program prepares students for further graduate studies (e.g., medical school, doctoral programs) or prominent careers in research and science.

JHU JUNIORS:  can apply between their Junior and Senior years.  Applications due July 1, 2024.

We are currently offering virtual information sessions and open office hours for interested students!

Bachelors/MHS in Mental Health Virtual Information Sessions:

Open to any JHU undergraduate interested in learning about the program. Information sessions will be held online over Zoom and registration is required.

Wednesday, February 28th 12-1pm:

Tuesday, March 12th 12-1pm:

Wednesday, April 3rd 5-6pm:

Bachelors/MHS in Mental Health Office Hours:

Open for any JHU undergraduate to join. These sessions are more informal and are for students who would like to ask any additional questions about the program and application process. Registration is not required.

Wednesday, February 21st 5-6pm:

Tuesday, March 26th 12-1pm:

Wednesday, April 10th 5-6pm:

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of research projects are available?

The Department of Mental Health engages in population-based research on the etiology, occurrence, prevention, and control of mental and substance use disorders. Research is particularly active in the areas of: adult psychiatric epidemiology; genetic epidemiology of mental and behavioral disorders, cognitive health and aging; psychoactive drug use; school, family, and community-based preventive interventions; research methodology; youth violence; women’s mental health and pregnancy; global mental health; child sexual abuse and pedophilia; and research on mental health service systems. Information can also be found on our website at:

What is required during the Bachelors/MHS undergraduate portion?

During the Bachelors/MHS portion of the program, you would take courses at BSPH during your undergraduate studies. There is no specific number of required credits that you need to take. There are no required courses for the Bachelors/MHS portion. You can take courses in Mental Health or any other BSPH department and we will transfer up to 16 credits to the MHS portion of the program. 

You can choose to meet with your academic advisor, but MHS meetings/seminars are not required as an undergraduate. Also, some Bachelors/MHS students want to get a head start on research—but this is not required either. 

Can I graduate from the MHS portion early?

Although you would still graduate from the MHS program in May, it is possible to finish one term early (if you have enough credits—you will need a total of 64 credits to complete the MHS program). Depending on how many credits to you take as an undergraduate, it may be possible.

Do I have to commit to the MHS portion if I accept the Bachelors/MHS offer?

No.  Although we would love for you to continue in the program, we understand that interests change. We will ask you to confirm your intentions for pursuing the MHS degree at the end of your undergraduate program. However, if you do not accept our offer and would like to pursue the MHS degree, you will have to reapply and we cannot accept any classes you have taken as an undergraduate.

What does it cost to enroll in the Bachelors/MHS program?

Nothing (well the application fee)!  We waive the enrollment deposit, so at this point would not cost anything to accept the offer.

Can I defer the MHS portion?

Yes, you can request a 1-year deferment.

How do I select courses?

Some students opt to take a few classes that are required for the MHS degree, others take courses to fulfill one of our certificate programs (, and others select a wide range of courses to help shape their interests (which can also be used as electives). Any courses taken at BSPH (any department) would be fine (once again, you only can transfer up to 16 credits) and I would recommend selecting courses you are interested in. Also, make sure there are no restrictions for undergraduates—this might define what courses you are able to select. If you are interested in a certificate program, please note that each certificate program is slightly different (you cannot sign up for Public Mental Health certificate). Please check with the sponsoring department for admission procedures and recommendations for Bachelors/MHS students.

To find all courses offered by BSPH follow this link: If you do not enter anything into the form (except 2023-2024 term) you will see all courses offered each term by department. You can use the filters to view courses per term, per department, etc. 

Do I need to complete a research project?

There is a final paper requirement, but DON’T WORRY this would not be due until 2026 (end of MHS program)!!!  Some Bachelors/MHS students start to connect with BSPH faculty or take on a research project during their undergraduate courses, while others wait until they begin the MHS program – either is fine.