Eyad Ali

By developing an atlas where parents can visualize how their child’s burn is expected to heal, we can reduce distress associated with burn injuries and improve psychological functioning.

Tomi Ibikunle

My experience expanded my understanding of public health. I saw how systemic racism and social determinants such as environment and access to education and health play a role in the prevalence of a disease.

Louie Martinez

I developed a patient safety project that informed patients about fall risks and assisted in ensuring positive health outcomes were maximized in the healthcare facility.

Eirnin Mahoney

This experience opened my eyes to the complexities of maintaining a safe hospital environment, where something as simple as tap water can represent an infectious disease risk.

Ellie Rose Mattoon

I got the opportunity to work with patients on goals a physician might not be able to follow up on, such as food stamps, shutoff protection, or medical transportation.

Tanvi Kosuri

Through my work, I have been able to see the impact of antimicrobial resistance, not only in India but on a global scale.

Victor Ke

I built so many great professional relationships with our clients and learned so many skills that I never thought I would have had to develop otherwise.

Lucas Zhou

In my AE at the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation Research (or USFDA CDER), I uncovered and evaluated potential DDTs.