Angela Trude, PhD

My two cents advice is to stay connected with your peers, faculty, and mentors at JHU. Keep them posted on your interests and plans. We may be able to offer you opportunities or connect you with other people who might have something for you.

Shahmir H. Ali, PhD (NYU ’23) BA (JHU ’19)

It can sometimes be helpful to think about who you’re interested in working with before the topic itself – food and nutrition research wasn’t really on my radar before JHU, but I remember absolutely loving [Dr. Joel Gittelsohn’s] energy during a lecture he gave.

Cleo Bluthenthal

One of my greatest takeaways from my work is the understanding that the relationship between community-informed research and public policy is inextricable, if we are going to change systems to be more just and equitable for all people.

Matt McGough

The best part of my job is being able to see the direct impact of my work on how health policy issues are covered in the media, developed by policymakers, and understood by the public.

Kobi Khong

I have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing effort to make a change, and not only learn from the lens of public health but also be a part of the teams doing research to evaluate the best ways to approach these issues. 

Will Shefelman

My desire to pursue a joint degree in law and public health flows naturally from how much I enjoyed the variety of topics I studied in undergrad

Zandy Wong

My disability advocacy focuses on advocating for universal digital accessibility and equitable access to education and healthcare for people with disabilities through influencing policy and working within communities to enact change.