Aronson International Experience Grants

The International Studies Program administers the Aronson International Experience Grants for students in the major (including pre-majors). These awards have been made possible through a generous gift from Jeffrey and Shari Aronson as part of the Aronson Center for International Studies. They are designed to make educational opportunities abroad more accessible to International Studies students.

The Aronson International Experience Grants (AIEG) offer students majoring in international studies up to $2,500* to cover travel costs associated with the following activities:

  • Independent research projects (*students in this category may request up to $4,500 in funding)
  • Intersession and summer courses abroad
  • International conferences
  • Unpaid internships abroad (*academic year only; for summer internships please apply for the Weisman Internship Fund)
  • Study abroad during the academic year (some exclusions may apply)

Students apply online via the AIEG application system. All applicants must submit a resume, a project budget, and a short proposal that describes how the proposed international experience will advance their academic and/or career goals within the field of international studies. If funding is requested to support a research project overseas, a letter of reference from a faculty sponsor or project PI must also be sent to The research plan should indicate the topic to be investigated and as much detail as possible about the research that will be conducted.


All students must be officially enrolled as majors in the International Studies Program. First year students who intend to declare the ISP major and are following the degree curriculum may also be eligible for AIEG awards on a case-by-case basis. (Contact Sydney Van Morgan at


  • November 15 for intersession and spring projects
  • March 20 for summer and fall projects

Priority will be given to students with documented financial need as determined from information provided by the Office of Student Financial Services and as part of the AIEG application process.

All AIEG recipients will be named “Aronson Scholars” and are required to acknowledge the award in all publications and communications related to the funded project. Suggested wording: “This work/project was supported by an Aronson International Experience Grant from the Aronson Center for International Studies.”

Just In Time funds may also be available (depending on budget) to support proposals for international activities that arise outside the normal grant competition cycles. These proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and must follow the same guidelines outlined above.

NOTE: All undergraduates participating in university sponsored international research and/or study projects must register with the Office of Study Abroad.

Past Recipients

Spring 2018 Aronson Scholars:

Sami Ayele, Senegal, France and Italy

Woudese Befikadu, Paris, France

Intersession 2018 Aronson Scholars:

Austin Cardona, Salamanca, Spain

Kelsey Ko, Israel

Jilliann Pak, South Korea

Colin Thrasher, Berlin, Germany

Robin Dickey, Berlin, Germany

Serena Frechter, Israel

Victoria Li, Salamanca, Spain

Sherry Sun, Berlin, Germany

Fall 2017 Aronson Scholar:

Tim Shieh, Copenhagen, Denmark

Academic Year 2017-2018 Aronson Scholars:

Ethan Greist, Oxford, England

Eric Guo, London, England

Summer 2017 Aronson Scholars:

Serwah Afranie, Bologna, Italy

Aliya, Doctor, Sydney, Australia

Juan Gomez, Bologna, Italy

Michell Li, Bologna, Italy

Cristina Murillo, Madrid, Spain

David Saveliev, Bologna, Italy

Samuel Sklarin, Bologna, Italy

Emily Tatum, Bologna, Italy

Robert Ticzon, China

Sumera Yego, Bologna, Italy

Spring 2017 Aronson Scholar:

Rawnag Abdelaziz, Nairobi, Kenya

Intersession 2017 Aronson Scholars:

Kyla Persky, Florence, Italy

Nick Liguori, Jakarta, Indonesia

Emily Pastrana, Verona, Italy

Kate Shadlock, Verona, Italy

Lucy Delgado, Brazil

Fall 2016 Aronson Scholar:

Megan Huynh, Portugal

Summer 2016 Aronson Scholars:

Dimitri Simes, London, England

Aleena Nasir, New York City

Mia Berman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jiayi (Emily) Sun, Italy and Greece

Mallika Iyer, Ethiopia

Rebecca Anderson, Beijing, China

Jacqueline Fedida, Brussels, Belgium

Sophie Mirviss, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mario Zampaglione, Vienna, Austria

Siwen Zhao, Henan, China

David Hamburger, UK and Holland

Daniel Kim, East Asia

Cole Novatt, China

Alexander Alm-Pandeya, St. Petersburg, Russia

Spring 2016 Aronson Scholar:

Lisa Xiao, India