Clubs and Groups

Alexander Hamilton Society

The Alexander Hamilton Society is a national organization that brings speakers to college campuses across the country to debate important issues facing our world today. AHS is a non-partisan, non-affiliated organization that has access to some of the most well-respected practitioners and thought-leaders in the country. The group does not set out to provide students with a right or wrong answer, rather, they provide the single greatest platform to let students find their own answer–a debate. The AHS speakers debate with Hopkins professors, giving the audience a wide range of thoughts and outlooks on the topic at hand.


Américas is the only journal on campus dedicated to providing students interested in Latin American Studies a space to publish original research. The need for this journal becomes evident when considering the rise in Latin American related courses and study abroad programs in Latin American countries offered by Johns Hopkins. As such, more students are engaging in research in this region. Of course, on a larger scale, the rise of the Latino population in the United States makes study, research and debate a priority and indicates that there is demand for a forum in which to debate and express ideas related to Latin America and Latinos in the U.S.. The journal is funded by the Program in Latin American Studies and by fundraising events and grants.

Amnesty International

The Johns Hopkins chapter of Amnesty International is a political action organization that campaigns to fight human rights abuses everywhere, locally and internationally. Amnesty is concerned with a wide range of human rights issues, including the death penalty, child soldiers, violence against women, torture, genocide, political prisoners, prisoner abuse, the arms trade, and business violations of human rights. Specific campaigns to be worked on are chosen by group members each year.

Business in China

Business in China Association is a student organization committed to connecting Hopkins students who share an interest in expanding their understanding and involvement in business and political relations between the East and West.

College Democrats

The Hopkins College Democrats are committed to enriching the political experiences of the JHU student body. Activities consist of issue discussion panels, BBQs, social functions, campaigning, debating and much more.

College Republicans

The JHU College Republicans’ primary objective is to increase political awareness on campus. Through their efforts, the group hopes to inform Hopkins students about candidates and issues at the local, state, and national levels. Equally, they are committed to presenting the views of college students to elected representatives. They host a variety of events throughout the year, which include policy discussions, panels, speakers, social gatherings, debate watch parties, and much more.

Debate Team

The parliamentary debate team at JHU competes as a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association, where they have consistently been ranked as one of the top five schools in the country.


The mission Discourse is to bring out divergent perspectives by fostering civic discussion and creating an open-minded and diverse community focused on respectful dialogue. The group

European Horizons

European Horizons at Johns Hopkins is part of an international, student-run think tank dedicated to the advancement of the European project and the deepening of transatlantic relations. By organizing events, issuing research reports, and connecting students, academics and policymakers, the group aims to foster dialogue on European affairs and put forth a bold vision for the future of the European Union. European Horizons is a non-partisan and non-profit organization.

Foreign Affairs Symposium

The Foreign Affairs Symposium is a student-run, non-profit speaker and panel series dedicated to raising awareness about current, pressing international issues. The group strives to foster constructive intellectual dialogue by creating a forum in which students and members of the Baltimore community may interact and engage with prominent global leaders.

Global China Connection

GCC-JHU is the official Global China Connection chapter at Johns Hopkins University. Global China Connection is a leading organization for promoting cooperation between premier students in China and the international community. A nonprofit student-run network of over 50 university chapters worldwide, the GCC platform creates unprecedented opportunities to build long-term relationships that will change the world.

HopMUN Model UN Team

As the school’s official Model UN team, HopMUN participates in a number of conferences across North America, including at Harvard, McGill, and Columbia universities. They teach students how to not only form and communicate policy proposals but also how to convince even the most bitter rivals that the HopMUN solution is the right way to go.


IDEAL JHU club helps people discover what they think, feel, and believe, and it opens them up to the idea of accepting what others believe as a way to understand. Sometimes having political debates forces us to think that we need to change everyone else’s mind. At IDEAL they appreciate the idea of simply listening and learning.

JHU Politik

As an outlet for student journalism, JHU Politik advocates for transparency, dialogue and tolerance of all viewpoints. JHU Politik is devoted to sparking conversations between students and faculty through respectful debate. To this end, JHU Politik seeks out the best in student writing and encourages readers to submit pieces in response to the articles published. Nothing is off limits. Political considerations link every aspect of modern life. Watch episodes of Politik Focus.

JHU Model UN Conference (JHUMUNC)

The annual JHUMUNC Conference takes place in February, but planning and preparation for it is a year-long process which begins in the fall. Staff members serve a variety of roles within the conference, presiding over one of more than 30 committees, maintaining conference technology and logistics, and managing JHUMUNC’s relations with the Baltimore community. Students interested in being a part of one of the nation’s largest Model United Nations conferences, are encouraged to apply for staff positions.

John Quincy Adams Society

The John Quincy Adams Society is a national network of student groups focused on U.S. foreign policy, with a centering vision of restraint. The chapters aim to help college students advance, both intellectually and professionally, while promoting a broader and more strategic conversation about America’s approach to international affairs. The Society is nonpartisan and nonpolitical: working in the world of ideas, not on activism or elections, and seeking to work with every corner of the political spectrum.

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) JHU

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) strives to shift the conversation about North Korea from its politics to its people. LiNK conducts rescue missions to usher North Korean refugees to safety and aids their resettlement by providing one-on-one counseling, emergency financial assistance, and educational grants. LiNK is the only full-time grassroots organization in North America devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises. LiNK JHU sheds light on not only the flagrant human rights violations occurring in North Korea, but also on lesser known topics such as North Korea’s flourishing black market, the capitalistic mindset of its youth, and the immense potential of North Korean refugees. Refugees are an unrivaled source of insight on the isolated nation and serve as channels through which information and resources can be sent into North Korea to expedite bottom-up change. Many have spoken at the United Nations, Congress, and TED. LiNK JHU fundraises to allow headquarters to continue rescuing and nurturing these individuals, and partners with think tanks, NGOs, and other LiNK chapters to foster dialogue both on and off campus.

Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium

Established in 1967, the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium is a widely acclaimed lecture series sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University. The symposium is designed to present an issue of national importance to the university, as well as to the Baltimore and Washington communities. The symposium has established a reputation as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and analysis of issues at the forefront of the nation’s conscience. All events are free and open to the public.


JHU UNICEF spreads awareness on campus and in the Baltimore community about UNICEF’s work and organizes speaker events and fundraisers to serve the organization’s cause.