International Studies Leadership Council

The International Studies Leadership Council (ISLC) is comprised of students who work directly with the program director and associated faculty with the purpose of bringing greater unity and direction to the IS major and program. The ISLC acts as a liaison between students and faculty, works to organize events, listens to student opinions and recommendations, and works to publicize news, information, and opportunities across campus and around the world. They also have the chance to share their thoughts on and experiences with the International Studies Program at Hopkins.  To be eligible to serve, you must be a declared international studies major or a freshman intending to declare a major in international studies.

The ISLC also coordinates the International Studies Program membership with the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs.  As a member of the BCFA, international studies majors are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Attendance to all programs free of charge
  • Invitations to all “dutch treat” Leadership Dinners
  • Receipt of a quarterly newsletter and notification of each program
  • Guaranteed reservations for all events
  • Guest privileges for all programs and Leadership Dinners
  • Substitution privileges for all programs and Leadership Dinners

For more information about the BCFA or to attend one of their events, contact the ISLC leadership.

2020-2021 ISLC Committees

Carmela Irato, Co-President
Avi Kirpekar, Co-President

Speakers Committee

Anna Sargeantson (Co-Chair)
Celia Lane (Co-Chair)

Social Committee

Spencer Ryan (Chair)

International Studies Research Initiative Committee

William Leister (Chair)

Communications and Marketing Committee

Megan Cohen (Chair)

 ISLC Mentorship Program

Louis Burns (Chair)

Foreign Affairs Review (FAR) International Studies Journal

Gabriela Baghdady (Co-Editor-in-Chief)
Maria Camila Garcia (Co-Editor-in-Chief)