The purpose of the Aronson Center for International Studies is to link the students and faculty of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS) and the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) to broaden and deepen the study of international relations at Johns Hopkins. Read the Hub article about the creation of the Aronson Center.

Two endowed and interdisciplinary professorships, together with an endowed program fund, expanded the boundaries of the current academic disciplines of both schools to examine this field in a new light. The Aronson Center builds on the strengths of one of the world’s premier graduate programs in international relations based at SAIS in Washington, D.C., and harnesses the faculty of one of the most popular undergraduate majors as well as faculty within the humanities and social sciences at the Krieger School in Baltimore.

The center has two innovative academic leaders with demonstrated excellence and ability that strengthen the core of the international studies faculty, building bridges between the two campuses and among undergraduate and graduate students in ways that enrich both schools and the broader Johns Hopkins community.

Together, they accelerate collaboration and deepen the faculty interdisciplinary relationships in ways that lift the profile of both schools as an impetus for growth in the caliber and quantity of the students and faculty we attract. As a result, the Aronson Center for International Studies prepares students even more thoroughly for careers in foreign service or with international corporations and organizations.

Some of the annual activities of the Aronson Center include:

  • An annual meeting with faculty and students to discuss research and learning experiences.
  • A new fund to support student participation in intersession, summer, or internship activities abroad.
  • An annual report to highlight activities and progress.
  • An annual lecture series that will feature a speaker selected by the International Studies Leadership Council.