The International Studies Program promotes a variety of fellowships, grants, and other funding opportunities for students in the major (and in some cases in related majors) as well as for departments and campus organizations.

Students can receive grants to study abroad, enhance their language learning opportunities, or fund internships, take on research, and support club and group activities.

All recipients of funding from the Johns Hopkins University International Studies Program are asked to acknowledge the contribution of the program in publications, talks, websites, emails, and other communications related to the funded event, group, or project. We suggest using the wording, “This work was supported by the Johns Hopkins University International Studies Program,” though recipients may choose to provide more specific information about the event or the program’s contribution.

Student recipients of fellowships and grants awarded through the International Studies Program should list the full title of the award and an acknowledgement of the participation of the International Studies Program in communications related to the award and on résumés and curricula vitae as appropriate.