The Brown Family Travel Fund is an endowment supported by the H.L. and Elizabeth M. Brown Foundation. The fund is geared toward rising or current seniors in the International Studies Program. Funding for travel-related expenses is awarded based on submitted proposals for projects (research projects, international conferences, etc.) that students wish to complete during their senior year or the preceding summer.

The amount of the stipend is limited and will be determined based on available funds and the number of selected students. The stipend may be used by students to partially support the costs of transportation and reasonable lodging expenses in the foreign country.

Should you wish to submit a proposal for funding by the Brown Family Travel Fund, please send a one-page summary of your proposed project and a proposed budget to Dr. Sydney Van Morgan, International Studies Program Director, at [email protected].

Note: All undergraduates participating in university sponsored international research and/or study projects must meet with a study abroad adviser and register with the Global Education Office before submitting their Brown Family Travel Fund application. Furthermore, students whose experience is in a country determined to be at high risk by the U.S. Department of State and/or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) must submit a petition to the Global Education Office.

Past Recipients


Emily Pastrana, for travel to/from and research in Cuba during intersession


Grace Scott, for work as a teaching assistant coordinator for an international boarding school in Beijing, China


Corey Payne, for travel related to the intersession course “Japan: Politics and History”


Dennis Hong, for travel to 2014 Asia Investment Banking Conference in Korea