Affiliated Major/Minor Tracks

Double major tracks are offered in conjunction with affiliated departments and allow students to gain an in-depth specialization within a specific department or program, while simultaneously benefiting from the interdisciplinary training offered by the International Studies major.

Students pursuing a focus area will receive a major in International Studies and a minor in the affiliated department or program.

TitleSubjectDouble MajorMajor + Minor
Conflict, Security, and Well-BeingAnthropology
Germany in a Globalized WorldGermanYY
Global Connections and Historical ComparisonsHistoryY*Y*
Global ItalyItalianYY
Global Modernity and the Jewish ExperienceJewish StudiesY
Global Social Change and DevelopmentSociologyY
World Politics and Global GovernancePolitical ScienceY

*Note: The Global Connections and Historical Comparisons track and focus area are no longer available for students who entered Johns Hopkins Fall 2016 and later. Students may still double major or minor with the History Department.