Hull Family Study Abroad Fund

The Hull Family Study Abroad Fund was created with the purpose of providing Johns Hopkins undergraduates with the opportunity to study abroad in Bologna, Italy. Applications are reviewed and evaluated on a rolling basis. To be considered for the Hull Family Study Abroad Scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need and be studying abroad on a formalized program in Bologna such as the SAIS Junior Year/Semester Abroad or BA/MA program.

For more information, contact Dr. Sydney Van Morgan, International Studies Program Director, at This funding has been made available through the generosity of Carl and Nanci Hull, and provides up to $8,000 per semester for travel, enrollment, and related expenses.

Past Recipients


  • Haadiya Ahmed, BA/MA
  • Michael Hallahan, BA/MA
  • Nathan Felmus, BA/MA


  • Celia Lane, BA/MA
  • Katarina Leskovar, BA/MA
  • Alice Hubbard, BA/MA
  • Laurel Buck, BA/MA


  • Zoya Sattar, BA/MA
  • Isadora Schaller, BA/MA
  • Ashley Wax, BA/MA
  • Seunghyun Woo, JYA Fall 2019
  • Bridget Carolan, JYA, Fall 2019


Jonah Giuliano, JYA


  • Michelle Oguine, BA/MA
  • Tyler Lee, BA/MA


  • Jacqueline Fedida, JYA
  • Laura Janss, JYA
  • Carly Segal, BA/MA
  • Madison Wilcox, BA/MA
  • Zoe Kirshenberg, BA/MA